One for the spinning nerds

I don’t really use my great wheel in a serious fashion, it’s mainly a demonstration piece for me. Partly this is because in a house with two cats the wheel is viewed as a very big cat toy, so it’s just not practical in the home.

But when I spin drop spindle I use the wool, whereas so far the wool from the wheel has been discarded. This is not down to the quality of the thread produced, I never have a problem drafting on it, but inevitably I end up winding it onto the spindle badly so that a loop falls off the end and tangles, rendering the whole spool unuseable – it doesn’t help that when doing demos I’m also talking and not wearing specs, so I’m distracted and can’t actually see what I’m doing.

However, I was storytelling at the AShmolean this weekend, and because it was c17th I took the wheel to give myself something to potter with between stories, and I concentrated on the winding. I do find it quite hard to get the wool to wind towards the back of the spindle so it doesn’t fall off the end, but I concentrated, and by the end of Sunday I had a good hefty spool (about 100g) of nice medium weight that’s actually worth winding off and using…

I’m quite pleased with that. Now I just have to actually, you know, get round to winding it off.

~ by opusanglicanum on November 1, 2017.

2 Responses to “One for the spinning nerds”

  1. I now have a wonderful picture of the cats trying to play with the great wheel! As you say, with such “assistants”, it’s not a practical proposition. Although people in the past maybe had cats and still spun? Did the cats lose interest eventually, or were indoor cats not common in the days of the great wheel?
    That’s the sort of thing history classes don’t tell you!

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