stitchalong snowflakes

off to the TORM early in the morning, so posting this now.

We’re going to move on to split stitch for the next few installments, starting with snowflakes.

Quick split stitch how too. I’ve taken a set of pics using chunky knitting wool because trying to photograph the stuff I actaully stitch with is a nightmare, so the stitches are a bit bigger.

bring the needle out from the back

Then take it back down again. When using finer wool you want the stitch to be about 4mm long

then go back up halfway through, splitting the stitch in two

Take the next stitch along so that half of it covers the existing stitch and the other half extends along the line.

make sure not to stretch the sttiches out. Ideally the back should look like a row of backstitch

And now for the snowflakes.

Please don’t stress out about making the snowflakes perfect, remember that no two snowflakes are ever alike, and that they can be a bit “organic” looking.

You want the first line to be about an inch long/ten pence piece sized/about the length of the top knuckle on your thumb (it’s not an exact science). Then cross it with two other lines

If you make each line about six stitches long that should be about right.

THe rest is done just with a basic stitch.

Make a diamond between each line with two stitches. don’t make these to big

And finally add some feathery bits to the ends of the lines. make sure to bring your stab stitches out from the split stitch so they blend.

Then scatter whole or partial snowflakes around the present as you see fit

I just took delivery of some rather spiffy cards with the christmas dragon on – does anyone want to buy any?


~ by opusanglicanum on November 9, 2017.

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  1. Yes, please!

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