Stitchalong – oops I missed a bit

I did the snowflakes last week and was so distracted by prep for the re-enactor’s market I forgot to delinieate the split stitch outline.

There isn’t very much because most of the outline will be done by shiny stuff.

Use some red to outline the small box and the candy cane…

When using split stitch for outlining a filled area always make sure you go up and down right through the edge of the filled area – if you leave a gap you will see it, so make it tight up against the completed area. This goes for the counted work as well as the laid and couched.

Then use brown and yellow to outline the dragonbear, dolly, and red present.

You can see that the lines delineating things like the edge of the box are just wowrked straight over the top, and you just have to eyeball them. Add a few white contour lines  as highlight.


Next Friday we’re going to look at the Dragon’s face.

~ by opusanglicanum on November 19, 2017.

4 Responses to “Stitchalong – oops I missed a bit”

  1. LOVE dragon bear! LOL

  2. The dragonbear is a real treat!

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