stitchalong, Dragon face

Sorry I keep posting on Sundays rather than the promised Fridays, I’ve been full of cold and by the time I struggle through a week of work my brain os too fried to blog coherantly on Friday evenings – trust me, this is better.

For this we will be using split stitch as a filler, rather than as outline. It’s the same basic stitch, but packed tightly together.

Direction is very important. Go over the back so you can do rows of stitches all in the same direction, never back and forth.

Start by using you dark thread to outline the basic framework of the face- ear, eye, nostril and mouth. I’ve used two rows for each here, don’t worry if it looks a little heavy right now as it will be blended with the rest of the face.

His ear is a nice easy place to start, just go round and round from the point. Notice that I’ve not tried to fill right up to the edge as I’m leaving room for the gilt leather strip at the end. Note also how densley packed the stitch is.

Next bring a stitch out right by his ear and define the long curved line that runs down from his brow to his nose.

Fill in the nostril with a few tiny rows of stitch. When you come up to fill a space always come through a stitch and go down into another, your aim should ultimately be that no individual stitch stands out, but rahter they should blend into a harmonious whole.

Next take your needle out again by his ear and define the bulk of his cheek.

To fill the cheek work always in the same direction. come out by the ear and down by the eye. Always remember to split a previous stitch when starting or finishing a row.

work three or four rows this way

When that starts to feel a bit crowded, bring the row round into a smaller tighter circle and keep going to the centre of that spiral

Then work short rows down to fill the rest.

Next come up on top of the first line and work down and round his nostril again for a few rows. Blend in when you hit the cheek and come out again by the top of the ear.

Then come out at the other side of the forehead and work down round the outline, mouth, and chin, going back into the cheek.

work that same line round until it begins to touch, then fill in the jawline with short rows, making sure to always work your rows in a unified direction

Fill in the remaining wedge of forehead by working down from the base of his hat. Work one row on one side and then one on the other, taking care to blend them at the tip of the triangle where they meet.

Use a little more dark thread to give him some eyelashes, then work a few white highlights to bring his face to life. (Often I do the white first, and fill around it, but it’s almost impossible to photograph white on white, so in this case I did it last, but either way is fine)

Gilt leather strip next.

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  1. I know I’m not joining in this one, but I would always prefer coherence to timeliness!
    Get well soon…

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