project again

Slower progress than I intended, mostly because I finally got the Book of Dust, so I did no sewing for two days.

I’m making changes from the original in some places with this one, but the horse is staying in two coloured dappling, as all the dappled ponies I’ve done before have been single coloured. I’m doing the dapples first though, as although I think they look lovely once done, they drive me buts to do.

there are many experiments here, it’s my main reason for doing this project, but the biggest experiment is the thread I’m using. It’s partly the old stuff I can no longer get from the Mulberry Dyer, and partly dissassembled como silk. I love the Mulberry dyer stuff, it’s far nicer to work than the DeVere’s silk I’ve been teaching with – it’s fluffier and easier to work. I was really sad to not be able to share it with students, then I pulled apart some como for the Bodliean project and realised that although it’s a plied silk, it’s plied from filament, and that filament is very very similar to the mulberry stuff – bingo!

So I’m doing a project with dissassembled como and partly with mulberry because I don’t have enough colurs in como, but that’s great because it allows me to do side by side comparison between the two. So far I think I’m using it a little too thick  – with the mulberry it breaks into three strands, each of which break down into five more, whereas the como breaks into four, and it took me a while to realise that those four would break into a further four – so I can split it thinner to do the horse’s face and see how that goes.

And if all goes well I shall calm my nerves (como is scarily expensive) and purchase a large amount to veg dye in the new year.

~ by opusanglicanum on December 27, 2017.

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