project four

This horse has more fabulous hair than you, daaarlink.

On the original cope his mane is the same dull biege as his body, but I wasn’t keen on the whole designer neutral/Kelly hoppen type colour scheme, so I decided to darken his mane a little. This allowed me to use up some antique pearsalls filament that’s been knocking aorund in my workbox for years, it’s quite thick and won’t split down, so it worked well alongside the unsplit como.

I split the como silk for his face, and it works very well. I’m thinking I’m definitely going to veg dye some of this for use, it’s much nicer than devere’s. Not only was his face an experiment in using the como taken thinner, I’ve never done a frontal horse face before, so that was an experiment too – frontal faces in any species are pretty rare in medeival art. I’ve always loved this comical horse though, so he was fun.

day three

~ by opusanglicanum on December 29, 2017.

4 Responses to “project four”

  1. I love the sideeye he’s giving the rider! It’s a great face; so many times faces in embroidery are just sort of not great. You do wonderful ones.

  2. He really does have a fabulous mane – love those glossy, waving locks!

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