angel progress

I’ve had to relegate this to weekends since I went back to work, as I prefer to work on it in daylight.

I went down to two stradns of silk for his hands, and one for his face, hence the very slow pace.

It’s probably as well that I need to set him aside for a few days, since I’m not sure if his expression needs slight adjustment – I think he definitely needs a kisscurl adding to the right cheek. But sometimes it’s best to stew on these things for a bit.

I’m also thinking about his wings now, which are the last bit of split stich before I put him on the frame to do the goldwork. I want to play with peacock wings so he’s getting an upgrade, I just need to plot out where to arrange the peacockeyes before I begin.

~ by opusanglicanum on January 15, 2018.

5 Responses to “angel progress”

  1. He’s developing nicely, even if slowly!

  2. Peacock wings sound amazing and will go really well with those lovely sandy browns.

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