birthday shirts

I promise I will try and catch up with a few posts this coming week, I’ve been most remiss.

But today is Gareth’s birthday, so Breakfast spring rolls are nearly ready (it’s a thing we have) with cake for pudding, and then, given the choice of anything he wants for his birthday, he’s chosen a trip to see early man at the pictures, and an evening in with Endeavour on telly.

He knows how to live it up, that man.

Obviously I made him shirts for his birthday.

You can never have too many gardening shirts, especially when they have vintage flower buttons

There’s a seaside one with skiddleedids (which is the proper name for sandpipers)

And a tasteful cactus one that is his top pick for the harrogate flower show.

Gareth was very impressed with the wrapping paper I found

but suspected there might have been a subliminal message when he realised one of the papers clearly illustrates an anus…

and Trouble is making sure the new shirts smell right

In related news, Gareth announced last week that he now has so many mad shirts he feels he no longer needs to save them for special occaisions, and can now wear them to run errands. So the local butchers are in for a bit of a fashion show – I wonder if I can find some meat print fabric?

~ by opusanglicanum on February 11, 2018.

2 Responses to “birthday shirts”

  1. That cactus print is rather fine, I must say!

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