angel wings

meant to post this a week ago, got distracted

I like the peacocky top half of his wings (even though I suspect it might be an unwarranted promotion to archangel) the flight feathers are going to be couched gold, so I’m doing them last because they’ll go straight onto the velvet background.

I also realised that I cocked up with the bit – it should have been underside couched. I’ll pick it off when I couch onto the velvet and re-d0 it then.

I’ve got him on the frame to do the underside couching on the halo next. The original has rays between the couching which appear to be split stitched silk, and I’m 99% certain there would originally have been pearls round the edge as well. I’m currently uumming and aahing over whether to do the rays in yellow or white.

~ by opusanglicanum on February 12, 2018.

6 Responses to “angel wings”

  1. I really love the colours you have used here. It is very good on the eye!

  2. Beautiful! Those wings turned out really well.

    Although I have to say my favourite bit is the horse, with his knowing look and glam blue nail polish. 😛

  3. He’s beautifully patterned, what with the peacocky wings and dappled steed!

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