did some dyeing, mainly because I needed dark brown for outlines, but somehow I ended up with a gorgeous charcoal instead – I think mainly because my blue vat exhausted really quickly, another couple of blue dips and I think it would have gone browner

From left to right is walnut, walnut and indigo, then three shades of madder and one lonely weld. There’s rather a lot of madder because I made a very weak vat wanting that pale apricot colour which is so fantastic for flesh, but the vat refused to exhaust. There was actually more mid coloured madder but I managed to sell a couple of skiens, which is handy because I’m goign to have to fork out for another ten kilos of undyed yarn soon – it’s the only way to get a decent price.

In the forground is an offcut of charmeuse satin I dipped in the walnut to see what ti would do, and a bit of white tweed I bunged in the indigo vat. I’ve never done cloth in a blue vat before so it was a bit of an experiment, I might use it for the filler panels on the womens labours.

I also dyed some small hanks of como silk for embroidery. I discovered that if you unply como it’s actually filament, and I’ve been doing bits of the angel and a few other things with it, and find I much prefer it to devere’s. I thought it would be nice to give people at class the chance to play with some veg dyed silk. It’s a bit of a basic palette for now, but enough to be getting on with.

The madder overdyed with indigo, (second from the right) is rather pleasing.

~ by opusanglicanum on February 13, 2018.

2 Responses to “dyeing”

  1. What lovely colours! It’s always interesting to see how the different dye baths behave, isn’t it. Not entirely predictable…

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