Luttrell fantasy number three – music

I should have posted this ages ago, and I feel as though I’m rather behind with this whole piece, so let’s make a start.

Technically I think it’s another dragon, but this is a musical dragon, because he’s playing the trumpet.

Or he might be deaf and that’s his ear trumpet – you never know with dragons.

I’ve adapted him slightly because the original dragon had a leafy tail, and I’ve fused him with another piece of marginalia where a disembodied hand is holding a stick (which now has leaves coming out of it because), as the hand made me think of a conductor and his baton, so I think this guy is getting the whole musical symphony started, you see.

With this third piece I decided to add a further layer of sophistication by doing the faces in silk. As some of you who’ve been hanging around on this particular dodgy street corner of the internet for a while will know, this is a very period approach to laid and couched work, as the antependium was done in the same style, and is based on an extant piece.

~ by opusanglicanum on February 26, 2018.

4 Responses to “Luttrell fantasy number three – music”

  1. As ever, I look forward to seeing it in the flesh. It is rather beautiful – and I do like the musical theme. My daughter has just brought home some music written in that strange way. She can read it!

  2. I do like your musical dragon. All he needs is an orchestra to conduct with that tail!

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