The post I forgot to title, I’ve edited it now

So I’ve been thinking, always a bad sign.

I’d like to post more often, but often what I want to post is just a random photo of sewing I did today, without necessarily talking about it. This would be quite freeing for me, because I have a rule about posting something, anything, at least once in any given calendar week – I’ve stuck to this since day one because when I was thinking of starting a blog I looked around and relised that the vast majority of needlework blogs post once or twice a year, and as a reader I find this frustrating.

Due to this resolution I normally have two or three posts backed up to compensate for weeks when I’m not well or I don’t get much done. posting random work in progress pics would mean I wouldn’t have to do that anymore, because I don’t have to reach a point where progress is significant (to me, if not to anyone else) I could jsut post an update.

Then again I was wondering if I should have a completely separate instagram for just random details pics?

so here’s a poll, polls are fun

also, I’ve been toying with the idea of starting an opusanglicanum facebook group

and here is a random photo of the scary thing I did at the weekend

~ by opusanglicanum on March 5, 2018.

8 Responses to “The post I forgot to title, I’ve edited it now”

  1. I think you should just do what you want, whatever suits your current commitments. I don’t mind random posts and photos either on the blog or Instagram but I’m less likely to check Instagram than I am your blog. (That’s an age thing I think.) I don’t mind what you do as long as I don’t lose sight of your work.

  2. I agree with Mrs G. I love your work, and want you to stay happy and creative and then share what you like with us, when you want, how you want! – Cindy

  3. If you do start a FB group, I will gladly help as I run a FB group. But beware! It can be quite time-consuming to herd kittens on FB. (And can I be the troll, please?)

  4. I’m perfectly happy with random photos but I never look at Instagram and I hate Twitter. I keep trying but I still hate it. Would totally join a FB group.

  5. Just keep posting the pictures or whatever.. brightens my day of looking at boring computery things.
    I am so envious of your angel! Why can’t I get the colour combinations done as well as you?

  6. Do whatever you want to!

  7. I don’t use Instagram/Twitter/Facebook, so I’m all for posting your random pictures here, where I will see them.

    I like your posts with text, but I also like to look at what you did because it’s beautiful.

    So post whatever you like, I will watch and probably adore it.

  8. Personally, I don’t use Instagram or Twitter. I spend far too much time on FB seeing stuff I don’t care if I don’t see and being frustrated at not being able to find something I once saw that I want to see again. I like blogs – I can keep track off them, refer back when I want to, catch up if I have been ill or busy with other things. I think the most important thing is that you post in a way that pleases you, then you will stick with it and we get to see your lovely stitching and, hopefully, sometimes read your words, both of which make me smile. I used to post to my blog when I had something significant to show. As my mojo is still more absent than not, I rarely have anything significant to show at the moment! Frustrating because I miss stitching and I miss blogging.

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