a Cloak

Made for the Ashmolean, for a project to make artefacts related to the Dobson portrait of prince rupert and his friends.

Sorry it’s being modelled in a premier in by a man in a doctor who shirt who asked to have his head cut off…

But I finished it the day before and was just about to drop it off when we wnet for our freezing cold day out in oxford. (we chickened out in the afternoon and came back to the premier inn for a nap because it was too cold to scurry between pub and museums)

It’s a full circle, red wool lined with buttery yellow linen. The thick gold braid was a bit of a find – I had about a week’s notice and had told them they couldn’t afford real metal trim, but them I found some old stuff cheap in a local shop. It had plastic pearls all along the edge, which I had to crunch off with a pair of pliers, but it looks proper shiny.

Of course the original portait shows a bundle of red cloth with many rows of braid, and I only had enough for one, but it still looks pretty swish.

It did occur to me when I was nearly finished that the bundle of cloth in the portrait might well have been a casaque, but they asked for a cloak, and it was a rush job, so they got what they asked for – beside which casaques have like a gazillion buttons and there’s no way I could have done that much hand finishing in the alloted time frame.

(I made other stuff as well, but forgot to take pics)

~ by opusanglicanum on March 19, 2018.

6 Responses to “a Cloak”

  1. I think the cloak and shirt are made for each other. It is just mindless prejudice that has kept them apart!

    • Gareth didn’t seem to think so, it’s just as well I edited off his head cos his face is even grumpier than usual.
      mind you, I think he probably would have been a bit warmer wearing it round oxford on saturday than a flimsy modern coat

    • I agree, it looks great together.
      But if the wearer doesn’t like it will never get worn that way again.

      The cloak looks great on its own, too.

  2. Gorgeous – and yes, I think it would have been warmer than many a modern jacket!

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