I drew these two thinking that they were two little heralding angels,

THen I realised they were actaully twins.

The twins here have a smug and somewhat doting mummy who is convinced her two little darlings can do no wrong. Alright, so they’re a bit rambunctious from time to time, and the occaisional ugly vase gets smashed at grandmas, but who cares about some grumpy old fart tutting whislt the boys let off steam running around a restaurant? After all, boys will be boys.

Smug mummy has laughed about this on numerous occaisions whilst round at childless-by-choice friend’s house. She sometimes had had to laugh quite loudly to make her point because the little sweethearts here being particularly boisterous that day, but smug mummy knows the sight of her adorable little darlings always makes childless-by choice question her decision.

However, at approximately four thirty on Christmas morning, smug mummy is currently reevaluating her own choices.

Specifically the choice to let childless-by-choice sneak a couple of presents under the tree and tell the boys with a nudge and a wink to open those presents first, and that no, there was no need to wait for mummy to wake up before opening them, santa wanted those presents opened first.

Little does smug mummy know that the other box, the yet to be opened box, contains an industrial supply of glue, glitter, and sequins, and the fun has only just begun…

Childless-by-choice, on the other hand, is enjoying her christmas morning lie in, having already congratulated herself on chosing christmas presents that will “encourage the creativity” of smug mummy’s spawn.

*cough*Not that the author would ever personally use Christmas presents to get payback on her friends *cough cough*

*iz as pure as driven snow, honest guvnor*

Here is another picture of the work in progress. I was worried when I blocked this one that it was going to be horribly garish, but you can see how the details calm the whole thing down

~ by opusanglicanum on March 23, 2018.

9 Responses to “Payback”

  1. I always enjoy your commentaries, but this one is absolutely the best. Signed, proud mummy of one who could be quite rambunctious back in the day but has now grown up to be almost human (with a degree, a job, and everything).

  2. Creative, all the way around! I enjoyed your back story there. Nothing like that picture to overpower 1,000 words! Unless you have a really great story, which you do!

    Your work is stunningly beautiful, as ever.

  3. I was the evil auntie who gave all the fun noisy toys 😀

    On the other hand neither my nephews nor my sons ever got away with running around indoors – anywhere – unless it was a place MEANT for indoor running. Shouting, throwing tantrums etc. in public were also dealt with swiftly. So my kids started getting things from shop keepers because they were so well behaved… which meant they behaved even better! I never said no to sweets for the kids from shop keepers! I always said see what happens when you are good?

    • my Friednds kids were always well behaved for me, because they learned very quickly that I always had sweets and small toys on hand when they were good, but that when they upset me I was a complete bitch who would eat the sweets in fornt of them and not share (I would also play with the toys)

  4. The details do pull it together, calm down the excitable colours (although not the excitable twins!) and generally bring the story to life!

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