Yesterday Gareth accused Branston of being scruffy and undignified

(I have long suspected that Branston was sold as a pet because despite having a string of champions on both sides of his pedigree he’s a grumpy scruffbag who is temperamentally unsuited to being a showkitty)

Branston said he was just having a bad fur day.

The kitten sniggered because the kitten is a sleekipants who never has a bad fur day

So Branston decided to show him how it’s done

But it took too much effort and he couldn’t stay dignified for long

~ by opusanglicanum on March 26, 2018.

10 Responses to “kitties”

  1. Kitties!!! Thank you 😻

  2. He’s not scruffy, he’s…casual! ;o)

  3. I think Branston is simply showing that it doesn’t do to try too hard!

  4. Thanks for the kitties – they’re so sweet and brighten my day. 🙂

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