rolling along again

Looking at this I’m wondering if I should have put a line under the dancer’s feet, but it’s too late now because it’s covered and rolled, and by the time I unroll the finished thing I’ll have forgotten.

~ by opusanglicanum on March 27, 2018.

6 Responses to “rolling along again”

  1. Nah, they are just getting into the whole dancing thing. Anyway, aren’t they headed onwards and upwards towards the jigging dancers above them? Personally, if I were the carefree dancers, I’d be more concerned about the bird eating the musical notes… what happens when it runs out of stanza to munch?

  2. I think it looks fine. Stay true to the piece from which you are working.

    They are all leaping for joy!

    • In the psalter they’re dancing along a path, which might be why I think they look odd, but I did have the lead boy dancing up onto a leaf, so he’s still connecting with the composition

  3. I think not. I can see why you might wonder about it, but unless you can trial it without stitching (a line drawn on a photo?) it would be hard to be sure that it wouldn’t simply clutter up the picture….

    I did wonder about short lines under one foot of each dancer, but I think that that would be clutter as well!

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