A bit of border

I’ve got quite a bit of this border to do, but it has variations in colour so it’s not too boring. I’m not entirely sure about the madder I picked out for the background, but I think you won’t notice once it becomes part of the whole – it’s hard not to hyperfocus on the details sometimes.

And that’s a terrible photo, sorry, bad light

~ by opusanglicanum on April 12, 2018.

8 Responses to “A bit of border”

  1. I’ve often found that colours which worry me halfway through a piece settle back happily into the whole when it’s finished. I’m sure the madder will do the same!

    • In the long run its about singing in harmony, not belting out a solo. but as I go along every little section gets it’s momnet in the sun, and that’s when they tend to worry me

  2. This is extraordinary work, I have never seen anything like this-could you post a better picture of it? I am learning embroidery and bayeux stitch and would like to use it to make wonderful work! Thanks so much for inspiring us!

    • I’ve covered and rolled it now, but there will be another section in a week or two. If you look up the stitchalongs in the sidebar there are step by step instructions, and you can either try using the free pdfs I’ve done, or contact me and you can order a kit

  3. Wow! This is fab!

  4. That is really rich looking! Is the background really that deep a gold? It looks great behind the burgundy-red stitching.

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