the bluebird of…

there was considerable discussion about the precise nature of the bluebird.

At first it was suggested that perhaps due to his tumbling nature he was the little bluebird of clumsiness, Next is was suggested that he was an antipodean bluebird. Then it was suggested that he is in fact the little bluebird of depression.

Branston is voting for depression,

but I think that’s mostly because I told him he wasn’t allowed to eat the bluebird?

~ by opusanglicanum on April 13, 2018.

8 Responses to “the bluebird of…”

  1. Stoned bluebird? Perhaps Branston is grumpy because he knows little Bluie has snorted his entire store of catnip?!!

  2. Maybe the Bluebird of Tumbling? Circus Skills Bluebird?

  3. That’s a happy little buebird, and he’s showing you his circus skills – he can even pick stuff with his beak when he’s flying upside down.

    Poor Branston, he’s really looking like you’ve told him not to eat the bluebird – and then he had to pose for the camera which darkened his mood even more.

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