tea strainer

I’m making an early start on christmas presents. This design has been on my desk for several years now.

I got the shape and the dish about right, and pierced the handle.

( I have since elongated the top ot the T to a point) THere will eventually be two blue/green glass millifiori counters at the ends, but they go in last of all.

I got to the point where I wanted to drill the dish, but I wasn’t sure how thin the metal was where I’d sunk it, so I decided to fill the bowl with beeswax for a little bit of additional support.

I don’t much like drawing on actaul metal, so I covered it with masking tape before marking the drill points for no technical reason at all, just because it makes me happier. It was really hard to judge the centre and in the end I don’t think I got the pattern entirely even, but nevermind.

Once I’d begun drilling I did think maybe a swirly design would have fitted in better, but it was too late my then, and the design had been knocking around with the holes in a heart formation for nearly two years, sooo…

I was quite taken with the pattern the drill made in the other side of the wax.

I drilled in five stages because this being a curved surface it was quite hard to hold the drill steady. I used a pendant drill with a large flame burr rather than a drill bit because I find the burr easier to control – drill bits in the pendants slide all over the place with me.

There’s one tiny dent at the very deepest part of the bowl where the metal was thinnest, but mostly the wax seems to have prevented anything worse. I have a lot of hand polishing to do, and I’m now trying to decide on the best method to get rid of the drilling burrs on the interior without obliterating the hammer marks from planishing, which are quite nice. I’ll probably tackle the rest of the hand polishing whilst I think about it, but I’m considering using a corundum burr on the pendant drill to tackle each spiky bit individually – concave things are tricky, but I think drilling from the outside in was easier than the reverse option, which would have been harder to hold steady,

I think it’s still a long way from going to be hallmarked though

~ by opusanglicanum on April 20, 2018.

4 Responses to “tea strainer”

  1. I like the look of this. And filling the bowl with beeswax to support it is such a great idea!

  2. It looks lovely. As far as the (invisible) dent goes – every silver tea strainer I have ever seen – including the one I inherited is dented to a fairtheewell!

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