angel flags

In the manuscript the angels had simple heraldic flags hanging from their trumpets. I was originally going to go with that, but last week I decided they would have flags symbolising modern music groups, so…

The top one is Nirvana. I’m really more of a greatest hits girl with Nirvana, but I couldn’t resist the pun of heralding angels heralding someone elses’ heaven.

The middle one is The Pet Shop Boys for Gareth. He argued for Gary Numan instead, but I quite like the Pet Shop Boys after he took me to see them live last year – it was really obvious how much Niel Tennant enjoys being on stage. Of course Gareth did roll his eyes at me after I explained that I like “Go West” because it reminds me of the call and response music of the early medieval church. (Although not nearly as much as he nerd-shamed me for saying I was dissapointed to miss last years food symposium because I really wanted to hear the paper on chickens as food in Iron Age Europe, for some reason he found that hilarious, even after I explained that all my reading led to the assumption that pre-roman celts kept chickens mainly for fighting)

And the bottom one is Ian Anderson’s iconic one legged flute player post for my favourite Band, Jethro Tull. I did sort of kick myself after drafting the cartoon for this, because I should have done a medeival Ian somewhere, but I have got a little Tull tribute worked in further up.

So, grunge, pop and prog rock – something for everyone?

~ by opusanglicanum on May 18, 2018.

2 Responses to “angel flags”

  1. You’ve certainly provided something to entertain and bemuse the onlooker!

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