rolling again

The next couple of rolls will be partial, because there are creature I would rather work all in one go, and that means a couple of funny little half rolls of the frame. I normally try not to roll too often becuase the frame is really big and awkward to handle – Gareth extended it for me, which means it now has to be bolted into place. I can manage on my own but it takes four times as long, but gareth and I are getting to be quite efficient at the teamwork thing, which doesn’t come naturally to either of us.

I much prefer these screw frames to trestles though. Trestles always give me a bad back from leaning over, whereas this is quite lightwieght, so I can sit comfortably on the sofa and lean the whole frame back into my lap at the perfect angle, and the screw adjustment means I can keep the fabric drumtight. This frame also has the advantage that I can pick it up in one hand and put it in another room when the kittens being boisterous, whereas the trestles are heavy and take up so much room, plus I find adjusting them to the right width for the frame I’m using quite time comsuming. Even extended to almost four foot wide I can throw this in the back of the van and take it to class or to my house.

At least Gareth is happy now though. I ripped a hole in a blouse he hated (he complained every time I wore it because he is a wierdo – normal men never comment on what you wear) so now it’s getting used up as a cover for the finished bits

~ by opusanglicanum on May 25, 2018.

4 Responses to “rolling again”

  1. I’ve never worked at a real trestle, but I rather suspect they would, ahem, “enhance” my existing occasional back trouble. Other frames are available!

    • I sort of get the impression that trestles are seen as the “proffesional” option, and a bit of a status symbol (I’m horrified by the prices charged for them – I showed gareth one the other day and as a woodworker he thought they were spectacularly overpirced) but I only use them for living history, I prefer my standing frame

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