Little fiddler

Kevin Coates told me this chap is playing a rebec, which is presumably an ancestor of the violin, except it has only three strings and the body is carved from a solid piece of wood.

it looks to me as if his cape ought to get in the way of his bow, but what do I know…?

~ by opusanglicanum on May 31, 2018.

5 Responses to “Little fiddler”

  1. A rebec makes such an eargrating sound that you ensuring that the cape gets in the way is a public service to his listeners really.

  2. And he is playing the wrong way around… I’ve only seen that once before.  There used to be a violist in the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra who played left-handed.  It looked very odd.  I think he is wearing his cloak because he is cold and miserable.  He’s probably thinking that the fee isn’t as high as the trumpeters’!  

    • Someone else pointed out the lefthandedness as well, which I hadn’t noticed on account of not playing myself. This the same in the psalter though, which leads me to wonder if there’s some point I’m missing.

      I’m reliably informed the trumpeters get paid more because Angels have the best Union

  3. The fact that he’s playing left-handed has made me feel all twisted around on myself (used to play violin!). I find that much more confusing than the cloak!

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