It all went tropical

I think I have a thing about pink birdies, since these are obviously the young relations of wilfrid manykecks

They are actually from the same illustration in the ms as the peacock but this is the birds as they originally appear, a sort of conjoined twins arrangement, whereas the peacock was modified by me and given a proper tail.

I kind of loving the expressions on their faces – I think righty just farted and lefty got a good whiff



~ by opusanglicanum on June 12, 2018.

4 Responses to “It all went tropical”

  1. Didn’t know there were Yorkshire Flamingoes. Learn something new every day here, I do!

    • there’s actaully a flamingo park not twenty miles away. I’ve never been, my mummy forbade it in school trip days, because when I was born the shares were marketed as the ideal investment to buy your grandchildren and my mum’s mum did, said park went into receivership not long after, only to reopen under the same management weeks later, but no one’s shares were valid any more. It’s obvious that flamingoes are dodgy sorts who will rob you given half a chance

  2. I love that rose colour (a high compliment as I don’t much like pink!) – fine feathers indeed!

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