Fat bottomed girls, you make my rocking world go round…

Clarice is very excited to have been cast in the local am dram version of Queen’s “we will rock you” musical.

So excited, in fact, that she got her finger and toenails painted to match.

Actaully, I’m quite pleased with how dainty and feminine her top half looks – much more so than in the psalter- and the nail polish and lippy definitely helped. It’s nice when you set yourself a tiny challenge and get it right.

~ by opusanglicanum on June 14, 2018.

6 Responses to “Fat bottomed girls, you make my rocking world go round…”

  1. Thank you so much for managing, on most days, to put a smile on my face. I live in South Africa, and what with the corruption, water restrictions, (we are restricted to 11 gallons per person per day, so just imagine the lavatories!), and today we are having power cuts on the coldest day this year because of sabotage by the utility workers, I am really in need of something to put a smile on my dial.

    I LOVE your work, and when in the UK, sometime in the future, I would really like to do a class with you. I do 17thC embroidery, and am busy with a casket……based on my families history in SA. It, (the family history) will end with me, because my offspring have long since emigrated. I have another casket put away, and I think I would really enjoy covering it with medieval designs stitched in the style of the time.

    The only psalter I have is the Macclesfield psalter, so I shall have to search for copies of others for inspiration.

    Keep up the inspirational work


    • I’ve heard the water situation in South Africa is really bad right now, my sympathies for the toilets.

      My lutrel psalter facsimile is one I honestly couldn’t afford, it was a gift https://opusanglicanum.wordpress.com/2015/12/26/presents/
      ,y dads very generous. There is a very nice volume ( and not expensive) on the ormesby psalter at the moment. And there’s a Facebook page called discarding images which one shows some of the odder psalters.

      Some of the ladies doing my opus course at the ashmolean have also done the casket course there, and used some techniques in crossover, but it would certainly be interesting to do an all medieval casket. I must admit I much prefer the simplicity of medieval embroidery over c17th, a lot of c17th pieces just look like they’re trying too hard for me, what so very many different stitches

  2. She looks as though she’s paying close attention to the director, so I’m sure her part in the show will be a triumph!

  3. She’s delightful! What a wonderful cast of characters! I so much wish that I could see the actual work you do some day. Alas, I am in California.
    – Lee Garig-Meyer

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