David’s border

The original psalter border is just animal faces, but it got updated somewhat.

There is a third face to come on the next roll.

~ by opusanglicanum on June 20, 2018.

4 Responses to “David’s border”

  1. Love the pirate with his eyepatch!

    • he’s meant to be bowie as well – he wore an eyepatch for a while

      • I managed to miss out on Bowie in my teenage years so I didn’t register that. When he died my Mam and I both discovered that he’d been responsible for a lot of stuff that we’d quite liked!

      • my mum, who is now the most irritaing fuddy duddy who refuses to listen to anything recorded this century because it’s all apparently rubbish, was a great believer in musical diversity when I was a kid, so I was exposed to alot of bowie. then of course I saw the man who fell to earth when I was about 13 and spent a large portion of my teenage years believe we were destined to be soul mates – because apparently sexually ambigous aleins are my type

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