Asterix progress

I had planned to finish the split stiching on this before class at the weekend, but then I burnt my thumb cooking and the blister made me no good for silkwork. I caught up just enough to be able to demo underside couching along the edge, and then cracked on with the landscape in my spare moments

I’ve really struggled with this one, hence the long delays between progress reports, because although opus anglicanum is quite cartoony in it’s own way adapting this image was harder than I initially thought. I think what’s really making me feel better about it is the landscape – I considered all kinds of ground treatments, but this plain, bright cartoony green was definitely the right way to go.

I’m doing Dogmatix last because i didn’t want the grass to swallow him up. I realised I should have drawn Uderzo’s early Dogmatix as he appears in Asterix and the banquet, becuase that Dogmatix is much larger, the poor mutt seems to shrink with age (probably a trick on the part of Uderzo to make Obelix’ bulk all the more, erm, manly)

THis will have coloured passing behind, in blue white and red like the French flag. It seemed the right choice because I was struggling with the idea of a gold background. The coloured stuff is a bit stiffer though, and harder to cover with because the white shows through more easily, so I think it will have to be well burnished to spread it out once it’s done – I’m finishing the silk before I do any more though.

~ by opusanglicanum on June 26, 2018.

5 Responses to “Asterix progress”

  1. I do like the way this is going, even if it has been a trial. And I’m looking forward to seeing Dogmatix frolicking ahead of them!

  2. Love it. hee hee

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