outa hell, obviously.

If you’re scared of bats, don’t worry, he’ll be gone by the morning comes.

He is very small, only about two inches across, and he’s there because there was just too much negative space under the rock god’s armpit. I ummed and aahed for quite a while about what colour to make him, and in the end went for a very dark brown, thinking the black would then show for the outlines, but then it turned out that the very dark brown was more black than I thought it was, so I had to add some lowlights in grey.

Never mind, you learn these things, everythings an experiment.

~ by opusanglicanum on June 27, 2018.

6 Responses to “Bat”

  1. I like the not-really-black bat, and I especially like his belly and navel, which are only visible because of the grey shadings/lowlights.

    • I particulalry like his little pot belly as well, he must have sucked plenty of blood recently

      • I’ll try to remembe rthe phrase “pot belly”, didn’t know that before but it surely fits well. I agree, his last meal must have been plenty and tasty.

      • I’m not sure where the phrase comes from, it’s very old. It must be hard working out all the idioms in a second language – I was corresponding with a german once (in emglish) and she said she felt like she was dancing at two weddings, which confused me because she’d just translated a german saying, but once she’d explained what it meant I thought it was lovely

  2. He’s very sweet – and reassuringly well-fed!

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