Another roll

quite a busy one this time.

~ by opusanglicanum on June 28, 2018.

8 Responses to “Another roll”

  1. now I see what you meant with “too much negative space” where you entered the bat.

    I do remember the guy with the headphones on the right edge, but I didn’t remember the pot on his head. That could be a reason for his quite sour face – or the lion punching him on the nose.

    In other words, I like your tapestry and I love that you can find more details every time you look at it.

    • perhaps the pothead was going out with lion girl, but he pissed her off whislt she was cooking, so she tipped the dinner over his head, and rode off on her lion, who bopped him on the nose for good measure?

  2. Yeah, the fun little details are great. I hadn’t even noticed Pothead’s earphones; I was enjoying his expression too much. And I love how the KISS guy fits in so well.

    • kiss guy was there from the first grain of an idea for the music fantasy, but the earbuds were a last minute addition (I had to give him ears so he could have them)

  3. Yes, the comment about negative space makes sense now. It does look rather like the beginnings of a medieval rave!

  4. As Sir Terry said ‘Music with Rocks’.
    Its wonderful.

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