I’m sorry I didn’t post much last week, I was kind of busy.

Sunday I taught a class on basic goldwork at the IMC. We made tiny gold and pearl pendants, and everyone did remarkably well.

Mine was worked on the edge of asterix, and wasn’t finished because it was really just a demo – helping everyone else was my priority. I do very much like the dark blue passing against the gold though, it’s very sophisticated, innit?

Everyone else played with the coloured passings as well. I thought the results gave a lovely modern twist to a medeival technique.

Not quite finished, but the white subtley enhances the pearl sheen

I forget this lady’s name, but she did well considering she had quite bad tremors, as you can see she was getting better as she got the hang of it. I gave her a quick try working on my frame, which was much more stable for her than the small handheld ones, and she coped better with that because of the extra stability (one of those extra rows along the Bottom of Asterix is hers, but I bet you can’t tell which – She really needed a more stable frame so she wasn’t fighting herself so much)

Not quite finished also, but very neat – and you just can’t go wrong with red and gold.

This lady was wearing hers on her lanyard on Thursday. I love the red surface couched with purple, it’s really psychadelic.

This lady was quite speedy, so she finished first and decided to add a couple of extra rows in dark blue round the edge, so hers is a bit bigger – just a single pearl in the middle, with white couched for the cross. That blue and gold is just yummy, I want to do something more with it for myself.

THere was another lady whose work I forgot to snap. There were meant to be twelve, but I’m used to one or two drop outs when we have Sunday workshops at the Imc because it’s the first day and people’s flights get delayed – this year the trains were apparently chaos coming up from London, so there were only six. Ho Hum.

~ by opusanglicanum on July 10, 2018.

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  1. The ones who made it did really well, though, didn’t they!

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