Just some pics of my display, really. I really would have liked to finish the music fantasy and display it, I’m soooo close, but alas.

My gazebo was open to one side, and some of my hangings sneaked across onto the back of the nieghbour’s gazebo, but Ellie didn’t mind.

And there were actaul smoke and fire breathing dragons!

I did feel sorry for the puppeteers though, those harnesses looked really heavy. I wore my silk Norman frock again because it was so warm, my wimple got abandoned in favour of just the viel halfway through the afternoon, and I swear Stephanie’s mum giving me a frozen 500ml bottle of water was a lifesaver (I alternated between sticking it down my cleavage and wearing it like a tail tucked beneath my undergown belt – it ruined the line of my dress, but then my unsightly layers of flab do that anyway. I’m going to the Yorkshire show today, and eating my own wieght in free cheese isn’t going to help much with that:)

~ by opusanglicanum on July 11, 2018.

9 Responses to “IMC 2”

  1. Oh, Leeds Union hasn’t changed since I last saw it in 1983! I suspect the beer prices will have gone up, though. It is one of the great questions of life …. How did people keep reasonably cool when they had to wear heavy, many layered clothing? I suppose the plebs just got on with it and the rich could languish in the shade.

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    • it just had a major refurb on the inside, so it looks quite smart. Did you go to Leeds? My school took us for an open day in 87, but then forbade us to apply because there’d been a series of rapes targeted at students.
      I wore the norman frock because it’s relatively cool, it was the wimple beneath my chin that ended up making me fussy. I think it was one of those days where you were just going to be hot no matter what you’re wearing

  2. I suppose you have to be glad of the silk dress, rather than chainmail, but my goodness, yes, the puppetry must have been a struggle..
    Your gazebo looks like a wonderful riot of colour!

  3. Your stall looked fantastic, as did you. Saw no signs of the frozen bottle of water!

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