little drummer boy

Like the lady on the lion, his face was a little bit small (only about the size of my thumbnail) so not much you can do with it.


I think he has a bad back

In other news I’m wondering if the Yorkshire Show has reached peak gin. I don’t drink the stuff, but by going round and giving all my free samples (as well as his own) to Gareth yesterday, I managed to get him moderately sloshed. There was some beer and whisky, but it was mainly gin.

~ by opusanglicanum on July 12, 2018.

2 Responses to “little drummer boy”

  1. Gin does seem to have become terribly trendy of late. Particularly “artisan gin”, whatever that may be…!

    • I’ve read that a lot of the gin distilleries, like the lakeland one, are actaully there to fund the start up of new whisky distilleries – gin and whisky start off as the same basic grain spirit, but gin can be made ready in a few months, whereas whisky takes years, so you make gin to avoid going bankrupt waiting for the whisky – but I think a lot of the gin distillers are just making gin because it’s trendy. Gareth is eagerly awaiting the single malt boom, his sister bought him a share in the lakeland distillery for christmas last year.

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