Linen tunic

I have this plan that over the summer break I’m going to try and make a new piece of basic costume every week, because some of my school stuff is either too warm or wearing out.

I’ve started with a simple linen tunic for my viking stuff. I have been wearing my wool tunic beneath my hangaroc, and it’s often just too warm, so I need a linen one.

There wasn’t much thought went into the colour choice though, it was just cheap stuff from Ikea. It’s machined and then hand hemmed, but I decided to add some Oseberg rings around the neck. People make  bit of a big deal obout the Oseberg ring being a specific Viking embroidery stitch, but it’s actaully just circles of trailed couching with two contrasting coloured threads.

I used some Veg dyed silks rather than wool like the original. Normally I don’t wash wool or ahdn embrodiered clothes, but my school stuff does get thrown in the washing machine now and then, so wool wouldn’t have practical as it would felt up in the machine.

It’s a bit of a subtle colour combination for me, but I think it’s quite pretty – and the hangaroc will be bright enough anyway.

I didn’t mark it out, it was easy enough to get the rings relatively uniform by eye – looking at the sketches of the original piece they’re not entirely even anyway.

By the time I’d done the front I was getting a bit bored though, so I spaced out the rings along the back and played with a variation.

Partly this was boredom, partly it’s just to give the reenactment uber-nerds who abhor creativity in favour of slavish recreation of thread-count something to whinge about. Because I’m bad, spank me.


~ by opusanglicanum on July 18, 2018.

6 Responses to “Linen tunic”

  1. I don’t believe for one moment that there weren’t Viking embroiderers doing the exact same thing. You’re following a Higher Path of Reenactment, tell them!

    • oh, they never listen

      • I know. I tell my mathmatician friends they are amateurs when it comes to pedantry!

      • gareth was recently trying to convince me that there was a hierarchy of scientists, he said genetecists are like the rockstars of science (he happens to have a phd in such) then chemists are relativelt cool because they make things go bang, physicists are all a bit sad, geologists are extremely sad, and on any given univeristy campus mathmeticians are always the biggest saddos around. He was trying to convince me of this, and all I can think is “ok, why doesn’t all eleven skinny giner stone of you go tell your mathmatician friend roger, the one who’s basically eightten stone of solid muscle with three black belts wrapped round it, that he’s a saddo…”

      • I bet he wouldn’t!

      • I know he wouldn’t

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