finished frock

I’m leaving in an hour or two, but I finished the dress.

I think I made the sleeves too short, and I should have added the cuffs to the end of the silk to make them longer, rather than overlaying them, but I was intending to take these off and make better cuffs as these were a bit last minute.

A couple of the gems were rejects from the last project, so they went round the back. And I left the final two loops empty, with a hole for the pin of a fastening brooch.

And I finally got round to properly refurbishing my posh belt. I hadn’t realised the mounts wieght 10ounces of silver until I wieghed it this morning – no wonder it hurts when the aiglet bangs my knee.

~ by opusanglicanum on August 3, 2018.

5 Responses to “finished frock”

  1. Its gorgeous. And I love the belt. The girdlebook bag would be a great thing to carry ones cell phone in.

  2. Rather splendid, I must say. And the girdlebook is a great solution to your forgetful moment!

    • it’s more that when I’m compering the fashion show I need a note of the running order for the models, and thier names.
      Except when one of my models is a dog, I can always remember the dog’s name

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