christmas present

Next year at Evesham we’re meant to be doing a royal display, dateline 1265, and the other week when I was there on my own to do the fashion show I realised something very important.

I can’t wear my c12th dress, because it’s too old fashioned for the dateline.

I can’t wear my new eagle silk dress, because it matches the king’s

And I can’t make something from the gorgeous orange silk in my stash, because it’s leftover from the king’s bed hangings, and I don’t want to match the curtains.

So I decided to spend the rest of the christmas money my dad gave me. The exchange rate isn’t great, but I figured if I wait until next year I might have to pay customs because of F***ing brexit.

So I got this

They did have it at Christmas when dad gave me the money, but to be honest I wasn’t sure, but I’m glad I bought it now because it’s much nicer in the flesh than it was on sartor’s shop. It’s not as shiny as some of the other silks, being a twill rather than satin weave, but it’s much much heavier than any of the other silks I’ve had from them, and drapes beautifully.

It will be a close sleeved dress, and I want to do some embrodiery for it, and possibly some enamels, so I’m not going to cut it yet. I will store it away with the graphed out pattern I made before ordering – I made inquiries about the exact pattern size and arrangement and spent several days working out the most effective cut whilst keeping the design direction, I can get a 3/4 circle skirt out of 3.9 m, but I ordered 4.2 to be on the safe side.

but I might leave it out and stroke it a bit more before I put it away.

I also got a half metre of this, which is a narrow width of c8th design in a silk linen mix. I don’t actually have a use for it, but I was curious because I don’t think I’ve come across a silk linen brocade before. It’s very very stiff, almost cardboardy. I’m tempted to use some to face a small reliquary box.

I really needed the delivery to cheer me up last night, tbh, I’d had a horrible time. Branston’s fur over the last month or so has grown inexplicably longer and thicker, and his belly has become dreadlocks. Normally the only way to groom him is in the car (no idea why, he has always hated being groomed no matter how gently) but with the heatwave it’s been impossible to do anything. Last night I’d spent an hour fighting with him in the car, then Gareth had come to help, but he wouldn’t let the comb near him(I try to get a comb behind the matts so I can cut them without cutting branston, but they were so bad the comb wouldn’t go through them). We removed about half a pound of tangled fluff but only got halfway through the problem – we even tried Gareth’s beard clippers, which he seemed not to mind, but they were no use. He might have to go to the vet and be sedated and shaved at this rate because I wouldn’t dare ask a pet groomer, my arms are shredded and I couldn’t do that to someone else.

The worst part is that he’s not the most sweet tempered cat at the best of times, but having a tangled tummy makes him even worse because he’s uncomfortable, so he’s been a nightmare for weeks. I can’t remember the last time I walked past him without getting smacked, and he’s no better his morning because we didn’t get all the tangles.

Anyway I got so stressed out by my psycho cat I spent half an hour full on snot sobbing bawling my eyes out, then there was a nice parcel to cheer me up.

Branston doesn’t understand what the fuss was about, or why I wasn’t speaking to him all evening. he came for his bedtime cuddle like he hadn’t been trying to kill me a few hours earlier. I think he has more than one screw loose to be honest. Anyone else would give him to the cat’s home.

~ by opusanglicanum on August 16, 2018.

11 Responses to “christmas present”

  1. I full on sympathize. Tinkerbelle hated to be groomed, especially those matted dreads that form on their tummies. I once took her to a groomers. She looked beautiful, long silky locks and truly white, white bits, but she was totally traumatized. Spent the entire evening cuddling with me, which she never did normally. I never took her again. A parcel of silk is obviously what you needed after such a traumatic day!

    • I don’t think I’d dare take him to a groomer because he’s violent and has no scruples, plus, being a maine coon he’s two stone of muscle with butcher’s hooks for claws. I’m scared if I took him to a groomer they’d sue. I’m not even sure the vet could do anything without sedation, he normally takes a swipe at them just for speaking

  2. I admire your masterful reasoning for having to buy that parcel of loveliness and have made mental notes for the next time I might need to do something similar. Catnip any good?

  3. I have long been convinced that the only reason people love cats is because they are masters at giving us Stockholm syndrome

  4. Maybe his bedtime cuddle was his way of saying “can we be friends again?” At least I would take it as that and accept.

  5. You poor traumatised pair (or is it a trio – Gareth too?). I’m glad you’ve got something to help you feel better. There’s certainly a lot to look forward too. And no, you don’t want to match the curtains – camouflage doesn’t sound suitable for the context!

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