Mwa ha ha !

I’ve been to an event over the weekend, but I spent the evenings in my workshop. It still needs polishing, hallmarking, and gold plating, but…

IIt weighs a ton, I’ll be walking with a list when I wear it, and I’ll have to be careful I don’t take someone’s eye out when I gesticulate.

And I still think it’s hilariously ugly.

~ by opusanglicanum on August 20, 2018.

17 Responses to “Mwa ha ha !”

  1. Wow – Anglo-Saxon knuckle duster. ;o)

    • I’m going to have to weigh it. It feels like about an ounce, which is about what the original gold one weighed, suggesting that my theory that the original might be hollow has some truth in it.
      It makes me laugh almost as much as those roman phallus rings (mental note-I need to make myself a roman phallus ring)

  2. I actually quite like it, as I’m sure you do too!
    Fabulous make and nice to test out your theory

  3. It is hideously fabulous! The sort of thing that the totally crass lady of the manor might wear…. I want one.

  4. That’s one heck of a status symbol. And ugly. Yes, indeed, yes. But how often did it matter if in-your-face power was beautiful?

  5. My goodness, if ever a ring said “Do Not Test Me”! I can’t quite work out whether the subtext is “or I’ll black your eye” or the less direct ” or I’ll get Someone Else to deal with you”…!

  6. The backhand across the insolent varlets face would echo.
    And 21st century airport security would have large angry kittens!

  7. No. Needs to be fancier and a bit bigger.

  8. Yes, very nasty. Sorry – “striking” (in all senses of the word). Could the original have been designed to wear over a glove?, and if it was hollow, would it have had a (lightweight) holy relic in it? Perhaps to ensure that, when you hit someone they stay hit.

    • One of the others from the same hoard is thought to contain a relic (it rattles) but no this one, however hollow was one of the construction options I considered but in the end I went for solid because it was simpler.
      The original shank actually fits a relatively small finger

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