beholdeth ye the subtle understated glory of my new ring!

John at the platers got back from his holidays.

I’m quite pleased with the back. The shank isn’t quite as defined a twist as I would have liked, since I had only round wire, which I had to square off and then twist, but I got the fiddly bits about right.

I still haven’t found the hallmark because they had to laser mark it, and I can never see those.

Gold palted silver with a garnet, based on the west yorkshire hoard.

And I had a lovely time stopping at the supermarket on the way back. I mean I actaully genuinely enjoyed a trip to the supermarket and found it an uplifting experience, because,

Isn’t it gorgeous? I love the way the interioirs work with the old building rather than boxing them in, the whole thing was just a complete joy. I wondered if it was an old prison, but the guy stacking shelves said army barracks – it goes round in a quad, with parking on what is presumably the old parade ground.

~ by opusanglicanum on September 3, 2018.

17 Responses to “beholdeth ye the subtle understated glory of my new ring!”

  1. Fabulous looking ring with definitely an air of authenticity about it. Next best thing if you can’t have an original from the West Yorkshire Hoard. 😍

  2. That is an unconcealed weapon! Gorgeous.

  3. It resembles what we call a knuckleduster. Have fun!

  4. Oh that’s properly horrible! Awesome!

  5. Definitely a knuckleduster! They didn’t do “minimal” in those days, did they!

  6. How delightfully OTT. Entirely in the spirit of the age. And totally fab, of course.
    And you are correct about that supermarket. Natural light! Who would have thought something so simple would raise your “shopping experience”. Less being more, in this case. (But not regarding jewellery, obviously!)

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