Ring bling

I had to set the West Yorkshire hoard ring straight away, but I had these as well.

This one I didn’t have plated. There are many variation on these medeival flower rings from fancy bands to tiny 2mm saphires, and pigeons egg rubies. I had one wiht a massive garnet, but I gave it away, so I made a smaller one for my little finger

Then I did a Byzantine style setting for my trial enamel flower from last week (the original was a round enamel, whereas mine is square)

And another for the little face enamel. This one ended up a bit messy, but it’s for me, so I’ll live with it

and a thirteenth century one with three stones. The original was a saphire and two garnets, but this one is saphire and amethyst. It was going to to saphire and ruby, but I cocked up the ruby bezels because they stretched out of shape when I bent the ring, so I fitted a couple of oval amethysts instead

And this one I only made because it was on the same page as the one with the enamelled face, and I couldn’t work out whether it had stones in or enamel or niello, or what, and the book was old and translated from Hungarian and didn’t have much info and the photo was black and white, so I decided to try amethysts.

Then the shape just went all wrong. I think I chose the wrong stones. I should have used triangular garnets. but ti’s still pretty?

as you can see they’re not even vaguely similar.

Obviously I shall wear them all at once, although possibly this will result in my knuckles dragging along the floor.

Your normal embrodiery posts will resume next week.

~ by opusanglicanum on September 7, 2018.

8 Responses to “Ring bling”

  1. Oh I do like the one with the face on it. It has both an authentic period and yet contemporary feel.

    • I like the enamel, but the setting is a bit rough, partly I’d not set an enamle before and they’re a bit harder to get in than stones, partly it was the big lumps getting int eh way of the bezel

  2. The last ring is pretty – the black and white pic looks like a 4leaf clover rather then the flower.

  3. I’ve enjoyed the jewellery interlude, I must say. And I think the last one turned out very prettily, even if not much like the original inspiration!

  4. They’re actually quite fun! But then, I love jewellery.

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