asterix finished

I had some issues with the red being a lot bouncier than the stuff I’m used to, and with the white definitely being thicker than the colours – it really does stick up a bit – so I burnished the whole thing with a heavy glass and that seems to have sorted out a lot of the kinks.

It’s a bit on the sparkly side to photograph though.

I think I want to do tintin on the other side of the purse. I like this image but it will need a bit of smushing to get it the right size. I want to make the background with gold and black underside couching. Although I have to admit I was quite tempted by the spoof tintin in iraq

I’m going to measure this very precisely whilst it’s under tenstion, then draw tintin when I get the next canvas tensioned. I’m hoping to avoid my perrenial problem wherby I make to pieces for a purse and no matter how hard I try they come out slighly different and I end up have to add a bit to one or the other. In fact I’m going to write it here so I can’t lose the piece of paper. Left hand side 195 mm, right 189 (my inability to craw square might be part of the problem?) top159, bottom 160.

I have another project to do before I start tintin though. I ordered two new floor frames yesterday, but am aiming not to have four projects on the go at once, it was more a safety measure because one of my frames is thirty years old, and the other one has been repaired countless times due to the assorted strains of having been drastically widened and thrown around in the back of my van every other week. I thought it might be a good idea to get spares, and my tax bill was less than I expected so I treat myself.

~ by opusanglicanum on September 10, 2018.

6 Responses to “asterix finished”

  1. Many years ago I made an Obelix costume for my mother-in-law. She is tall but not nearly fat enough so I had to use quilt batting to make the trews sag and bag out. She wore it to so many events she was nicknamed Obelix! This brings back hilarious memories… she’s mad as a bucket of frogs!

    • we used to have a surcote for a memebr of the group to play aymer de valence, which was sky blue and cream horizontal stripes – it made whoever was wearing it look like a cornish creamware jug

  2. Every metal thread I’ve used has handled differently to all the others. It seems to be One Of Those Things. I like your Asterix and Obelix (not forgetting Dogmatix) and Tintin will balance them nicely.

  3. […] I got Extra black and purple because I thought Kath might need those for her goth angel that she wants to do, and I will need some black for the tintin design I want to work on as companion to Asterix […]

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