September, women’s labours


Mr September is harvesting his grapes to make wine, so Mrs S is brewing beer, traditionally a woman’s task.

I adapted an image of a tippling monk.

September’s kitties are Trubble and Branston. Branston is making his second appearance, he says this is partly because he’s obviously very important, and partly because he can’t trust that idjit kitten to do anything unsupervised. So here he is attempting to instruct young Trubble in the correct catching of rodents, whilst Trubble has just dropped his mouse so is doing tradition kitten flapping about instead.

Branston says Trubble is a numpty.

I should have hung an axe from the cieling, because now I look at it again it reminds me of the story of the three sillies, where the young girl goes to the cellar to get beer for her fiance, sees the axe stuck in the roofbeam and instead of just pulling it out and putting it on the floor where it can do no harm, she goes into hysterics imagining that once she is married her child will come down to the cellar for beer and the axe will fall out and kill him. Niether mother nor father, wondering whats taking her so long, think to correct her and start sobbing alongside, only for the trio to be found by the thirsty fiance, who rolls his eyes and wonders how he can possibly marry into such a ridiculous family.


~ by opusanglicanum on September 28, 2018.

7 Responses to “September, women’s labours”

  1. I love the shading in her dress. A very satisfying image.
    Does Branston do autographs?

  2. Would you know where you got your ‘tippling monk ‘ from? I wanted to adapt an element out of this for a gift i am making. May I put the photo in a private file to refer to, not on the net? thinking ahead though, could I make a reference to this item of work if I ever write up the development of my design?

  3. Beautiful skills

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