Oxford Photos

I forgot to take any on Saturday at the Opus course, so the only opus piece belong’s to Kath, who was doing both days, these are mainly from Sunday’s ABC courses.

So kath’s boyband angel…

And the rest (including both of Kath’s because she insisted on doing the whole alphabet) from the Abc

The dog is waiting patiently to be applied. Alison did the precious opus course and had been nervous of applying her finished king as a slip, so this has , I hope, given her the confidence to go home and deal with him.

Liz did three letters in total, but this was the one she had with her. The recreation of tartan worked really well – I need to think of something I can play with this on myself.

The willow is a lovely use of medeival technique in more modern way – I’m not sure the pic does justice to the texture. It was finished early sunday morning, so ruth started on a baby chicken dragon to try a face.

Helen has shown huge improvement over the year, and the thistles are looking really good. It still needs edging on both the letters

Ann is going to play with some trellis couching in purple and red on her background before she puts in her split stitch, so it ought to look nice and neat once it’s finished. She’s really worked on her laid nad couched and is getting much better, so I’m hoping to see all of these finished at some point

~ by opusanglicanum on October 1, 2018.

2 Responses to “Oxford Photos”

  1. That looks a lot like a Whomping Willow!

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