October, women’s labours

I wibbled for a long while on the October panel. She was originally going to be selling goods at market whilst her husband fattens the pigs, but I couldn’t find a market image I liked, so instead she is tablet weaving, which seems more appropriate than using a larger loom because it’s something I do myself.

October’s cats are bobby and Lola, who live two doors down with our nieghbour Charlotte. Bobby spends most of his time in our garden, of which he assumes ownership, as he does every other garden in the nieghbourhood. He is basically the local yob. A couple of times he’s managed to sneak into our house, only to come face to face with Branston and Hobbes, at which point Bobby went into full howling attack “I know karate, I’ve got a black belt, me” mode. Our two were never impressed, Hobbes just looked confused because he couldn’t understand why this strange cat didn’t want to be his fwend, whilst Branston just sort of looked unimpressed, possibly because he’s passed bigger turds than Bobby.

He and his sister Lola are burmese. Lola is seen here sleeping, as opposed to her usual activity of peeing on stuff. On more than one occiassion Lola has managed to pee directly into Charlotte’s plug sockets and short out her entire house. We tend to know about this stuff because Gareth is the only male in the nieghbourhood with any practical skills, so he gets called out for every emergency.

~ by opusanglicanum on October 22, 2018.

7 Responses to “October, women’s labours”

  1. “The good thing about cats in stitchery is that you can make sure they don’t cause district-wide power outages”
    Now there’s a sentence I never thought to write!

  2. I think the face in this one is really excellent.

  3. She looks a little concerned about the wannabe panther next to her.

    • Bobby is normally quite sweet with humans, it’s just others cats he’s a yob with. And builders sand, he used Gareths building sand as a litter so the new greenhouse floor had an interesting cat turd texture(he has since learnt to sift his sand)

  4. Are you still selling threads and kits? Could not get to Picklepatch site. Thank you! Sandra

    • Yes, sorry, I think that site is down I’m working on the new one. But I still have kits. There’s a walking fish, rabbits hunting, three different dragons, a panther, physician, flamingo, unicorn, spinster, warrior, Knight. I’ll send some pics to your email address showing here when I get home to my laptop

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