I almost forgot to post this week – here, have some presents

busy, busy, busy!

I made my stepdad, Peter, a mermaid sequin shirt. The colour seemed appropriate because he married my mum wearing pink and silver.

I did check with him that he’s like it, and he was well up for it, he was even slightly disappointed to get a winnie the pooh shirt for his birthday because he was expecting this. There was also a black and silver one that was a bit of a trail run.

I was surprised how heavy it is, and it hangs quite stiffly – mostly because I bound the inner seams to prevent chafing. When I motted the idea to Peter my mum stepped in and vetoed it, saying that it would be scratchy, but I think really she didn’t want anyone stealing her crown as queen of sequins.

But I made mum this, which has no sequins.

This was my cheapest christmas present of the year, being made entirely from my rag bag. It has no repeats other than where I got to the end of a row and cut a panel in half, it has a total of 153 different prints (including minions, which will piss her off if she ever notices then, because she has summarily dismissed them as “stupid” without ever bothering to watch a despicable me film) and wieghs a kilo and a half. She may well have to strengthen the elastic or replace it with a waistband, but I didn’t have her measurements and it seemed rude to ask, so…

Also, I treid out that thing where you do pleats with a fork, you have to modify a cheap fork a bit (I hoiked one out fo the picnic basket) but it works really well.

Mum’s present didn’t really fit in a box, and I didn’t fancy trying to wrap it without, so I made a bag from scraps of mermaid fabric.

She got very excited when she saw the bag, so at least she likes one part of her present. which gave me a stashbusting idea

and I made a few more for awkward shaped things. Re useable!

I also made this for my mum, but then when she came for lunch last Sunday she was already wearing two Christmas tree pendants at once, both of which were three times the size of this one(my mum miseheard the classic advice about looking at your outfit and removing an accesory before leaving the house, and instead adds a couple more to be on the safe side). I realised it was far too subtle for her so I’m giving it to someone else.

It’s backset glass with a garnet – the star moves.

~ by opusanglicanum on December 23, 2018.

4 Responses to “I almost forgot to post this week – here, have some presents”

  1. I haven’t been able to decide whether I like mermaid sequin fabric or not, but it’s certainly striking!

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