penguin coat.

Last year in December I went to the Jethro Tull christmas concert in Durham cathedral with all four parents. A conversation ensued which ended with me telling my mother to shut up.

Me- Janet, would you wear a Christmas coat. Not as loud as mine and Mums, but a bit more subtle?

Janet – I think so

Me – because I had this idea for a snow scene one with some pale blue wool I’ve got, with penguins or maybe polar bears, but I look terrible in pale blue, and so does mum.

Janet – ooh…

Mum – (interupting) I do look terrible in pale blue, but I look great in a very dark blue.

me – I know, that’s why I’m asking Janet

mum -But I’m just saying I could wear it, if you made it with dark blue, and it would be like the North Pole at night

me  – I’m not planning to make the north pole at night, mother, I have pale blue fabric

mum -but I’d love a dark blue coat

this continued for quite some time Until I end up yelling – Mother, I’ve made you two coats, I’m asking if Janet would like one, shut the hell up!

Anyway, I made Janet, my stepmum, a penguin coat, because she looks nice in pale blue.

it’s wool melton applique with chain stitched snowflakes, and it took me three days. Had to draft a whole new pattern because Janet is much more petite than me and mum. When I say draft a pattern I mean I measured Janet and sort of eyeballed cutting the wool until it looked about right.

better shot of the front, taken on the dummy. The little sparklies don’t show up very well in the pics. Bonds in Farsley have had them in all year, little squares of flat aurora borealis preciosa crystals, and I’d been looking at them and wondering what I could do with them. Then I started this project and rushed out to buy some.

The front penguins are pockets.

Janet has been wearing it in Scotland. dad says scotland approves

I have another coat to make, but it will be the christmas after next, because I’m spending the next 18 months on a big important project that I can’t yet blog about.


~ by opusanglicanum on December 27, 2018.

15 Responses to “penguin coat.”

  1. The coat is just gorgeous, could we have a close-up pic of the sparkly snow please ? And can’t wait to see what you’re working on next year , I look forward to your e-mail progresses.

  2. It looks great, and Janet seems to be enjoying wearing it!

    • I made her open it the day before chirstmas, whislt I was there, so I could check it fit vaguely ok. She said it was the only smile we were getting that day because her computer had just broken and she’d lost all dad’s accounts (but she had been running a 500k turnover on a computer she found in a skip that still used floppy discs, so the fact that everyone ahd been taking the piss rather than sympathising might have been contributing to the grump)

  3. Being witness to someones argument is stressful. Please dont tell your mum to shut up.

  4. What an adorable coat! Your step-mum is a very lucky lady.

  5. You did an amazing job on that coat and I’m glad your step-mum got a coat … esp after making 2 for your mum. 🙂

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