Christmas present to me.

Normally I have a day out in London at this time of year, but I was feeling a bit too knackered.

Then Sartor had some silk I liked and I decided to spend my train fare on that instead. They only had two and a half metres, I think as a sample for a new venture – it’s silk lampasette, c14th, with proper metal gilt threads instead of the cheap lurex they normally use, plus it’s handloom woven and fair trade.

Consequently it was a bit more expensive than usual, but I got 70cm, enough for sleeves, a purse, and the top part of a new henin. I ordered it on christmas eve, and wasn’t expecting it to come today because the website says they’re closed until the 6th of January – it’s a family company though, so I expect someone got sick of spending quality time with the family and decided to go to work for a few hours.

I’m goign to use it with this butter yellow wool that I’ve had stashed for ages, and make a new c15th kirtle. Probably not this year though, because I want to get my Elizabeth Woodwille black dress that I’ve made the jewels for, and I need a new c13th frock for Evesham as well. Two frocks in one year is about my limit.

Until then I will just pet it.

~ by opusanglicanum on December 28, 2018.

6 Responses to “Christmas present to me.”

  1. It’s absolutely gorgeous! I would be dying to use it!

  2. It’s very beautiful. Pet away!

  3. It looks gorgeous, Tanya. I would be afraid to cut it! just keep stroking it.

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