One last christmas presents post

Normal service will resume next week, honest

this is for Caz, who runs a guesthouse in Windermere. It’s called rockside, and it’s very nice if you fancy visiting. It being Windermere, there’s a lot of Beatrix Potter around, so I made Caz a couple of potter blouses for Christmas, also one for her partner, Martin.

There was a very plain one with gorgeous vintage buttons.

and a motley one made from all the potter scraps leftover from previous blouses made for Caz, and Shirts for a couple of other people.

Any and all further potter shirts will have carrot buttons, because the other kind are too hard to get. a dinosaur shirt,

And I made two of these, because when I told John I was making gareth a shirt that had star constellations that looked like kitties, he demanded to ahve one, too, so I had to go and order more fabric. (John like to take his telescope out to the moors and stare at stars)

There’s still a large pile of buttonless shirts in my sewing room. The pre-chirstmas shirtmaking binge resulted in shirts for Gareth for birthday,as well as christmas and birthday shirts for Martin, my dad, peter and John.

Technically I don’t really need to buy any fabric next year…

~ by opusanglicanum on January 6, 2019.

2 Responses to “One last christmas presents post”

  1. You may not need to, but given your knack for finding interesting prints, I’d be very surprised if you didn’t!

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