If you’re interested

I started a facebook group for pre1500 embroidery.

Service here will continue with weekly posts as per normal, and I’ll link to those over there. The Facebook group is in no way meant to replace this blog, but I have reasons to want to diversify a bit – mysterious secret reasons which will be illuminated in due course

I’m going to try and get the ball rolling over there by starting at the beginning of my blog archive and highlighting something every day until I run out, so if you fancy a few blasts from the past it might be fun


( think that’s the right link)

~ by opusanglicanum on January 15, 2019.

7 Responses to “If you’re interested”

  1. I’m intrigued by these Mysterious Secret Reasons!

  2. The link is right. Yell if you need help with groups on Facebook (if you trust the advice from someone who accidentally set up a group years back when I was just playing around). It’s not obvious. Use Messenger and sent a note to Jane McCurry Wood. Happy to help as I am really curious about what you might be up to….

    • I seem to be ok at the moment, although I’m somewhat taken aback that it’s over 400 members in 24 hours. I might need to tap you up to be co -mod at this rate.
      the boss lady says I’m not to tell anyone until I’ve handed the project over, which will be at least a year

  3. As I am not on facebook I will be very sad if this blog ends up dissappearing.

    • oh, don’t worry, the blog will always be my primary place to post – I hate the ephermality of facebook, there’s no proper archiving system there, and things just disappear. The facebook group is really more of a discussion board, other people are posting thier work and asking questions, it’s quite lively, but it’s not as polished as a blog

  4. Happy to mod if you need it, which you won’t. You already have things well under control it seems to me. You know about mods and questions for new folks! There is an occasional self-righteous kitten but we all have those. Best to find them out early and remove.

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