2019 courses

long course over three days at Nottingham lakeside arts, wool laid and couched work.


two different long course at the AShmolean museum, one is gargoyles in laid and couched work (although I won’t make you do a gargoyle if you don’t want to, we’re taking a loose interpretation, you can do a portrait of your husband if you think we’ll be able to tell the difference) the other is opus anglicanum, which we’re calling angels and demons, but again, loose interpretations and all that

days are in May, July, and October.



online tickets aren’t avaoilable for the Ashmolean courses until the 28th of January, but it if email or phone Jude Barratt at the museum she should be able to sort you out

theres also a one day opus taster at the IMc in leeds, which will be less of a “work on something that pleases you” and more of a “here, you’re doing this small project I chose because we’ve only got four hours”. Leeds uni seem to have a new website though, and I can’t find anything, but I think it is open to non-delegates if you contact the IMC office

~ by opusanglicanum on January 17, 2019.

5 Responses to “2019 courses”

  1. If you know whom to contact, the Angels and Demons course is currently described as a three year (rather than 3 day?) workshop at the Ahmolean link.

  2. Worth every penny. Off to buy lottery ticket, as current funding, well, tricky… fingers crossed??

    • isn’t it annoying how some people are forver winning little bits here and there, and yet some never win anything? my stepdad always wins something at raffles, but the only time I’ve ever won anything on a raffle was when I was fourteen and I won a deep fat fryer, which I obviously had bugger all use for at the time

      • Ouch! Once we got 4 numbers, got all excited and won like £16. Everyone and their dog must have had 4 numbers for that draw. Hey ho. We live in hope.

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