FOx and Rabbit

Before Christmas I did a couple of pieces for chester beatty library in Dublin. They have taken the originals into the collection, and I made them up some kits. The Images are based on manuscipts in thier collection.

I thought this one was higly appropriate for a library – the fox and the rabbit reading together

Of course, Gareth and his dirty mind kept asking why the fox was shagging the rabbit, but it’s perfectly obvious that the book is so very very exciting that the fox is just biting the rabbit’s ear in order to avoid gasping out loud.

oh, ok, that sort of sounds dirty too…um, nevermind


~ by opusanglicanum on January 25, 2019.

6 Responses to “FOx and Rabbit”

  1. Oh my gosh! I am going to Dublin in August for WorldCon!! I looked up the Chester Beatty Library on the map and it isn’t too far from where we will be staying! It would be great if I could go see your work in person! I have been enjoying your facebook posts for years.

  2. You’re not responsible for the peculiarities of the medieval mind (or Gareth’s, if it comes to that!), but my goodness, the medieval mind is distinctly odd, isn’t it!

  3. Love the way the fox is nibbling the rabbit’s ear!

    Jayne x

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