effin flowers

this has to be done,  but I’m sooo bored. I hate doing repeated elements, and I still have to colour the bloody things in.

Luckily they’re only about the size of a 50p, but still…

so bored

so very very bored.

I sort of want to go outside and shout the word “arse” repeatedly because I’m so bored with these, but unfortunately  this is the thing I work on to fill my breaks at work, and I work in primary schools, and they tend to frown on that sort of thing for some reason


~ by opusanglicanum on March 8, 2019.

8 Responses to “effin flowers”

  1. They are going to be fabulous when finished. You might get away with shouting arse in Latin… not as many people understand it nowadays and the kids certainly won’t *evil grin*

    • my local museum once put up a list of useful phrases in latin for primary school groups. Knowing that no one would read to the bottom, the final one was “helllo soldier, fancy a good time?”

  2. Right now i am doing the digital equivalent of boring repeat elements, luckily i’m alone in my studio so if you want i can add some of your “arse” to my hourly swearing-to-alleviate-boredom. Also, here’s the swedish word for arse – “rumpa”. You would probably get away with shouting that 😀

  3. Time to teach the primary school kids to embroider these for you….

  4. I’m no good at repetition, either. I would be muttering sullenly under my breath the whole time – and that might be frowned upon, too!

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