shirty (easter) Sunday

UNsurprisingly, I made some new shirts for Easter.

hvae you ever treid to make a beer shirt? Not easy. I spent months trawling ebay for scraps – literally – those two panels on the back I paid four quid each for and they’re only about eight inches by ten. So by this point I don’t care whether he hates gold buttons or not, they say Muprhy’s brewery on them, so he’s bloody well having them

THe star trek shirt is perhaps a little plain, but I did make bespoke silver buttons for it.

you cannot buy star trek buttons. You could probably sell them at Sci fi cons, esp if you offered to sew them onto a regular shirt

And sticking with our space theme, lightwieght cotton lawn with astronauts. I’d run out of little rocketship buttons, so he has to make do with the steampunk ones that sort of look like sapce debris

And now I’ve opened up two compartments in the buttons stash boxes I have an excuse to go button shopping

~ by opusanglicanum on April 21, 2019.

5 Responses to “shirty (easter) Sunday”

  1. Great shirts (and buttons)!
    He certainly is now well kitted out for the beer festival (and sci-fi cons) 😉

  2. Have fun—

  3. You can’t buy Star Trek buttons? Goodness, the button people are missing a trick or ten!

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